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The most delicious
food is a ready food

No longer needed to waste your time or go to the restaurant to enjoy a meal. Order your favourite dishes from favourite restaurants via Hungry.az directly to your house or office!

Choose your favourite restaurant

You can order your favorite food from your favorite restaurants.

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Is there something to eat?

Whatever you want!

Hungry.az food delivery service allows you to quickly get a variety of dishes. Lunch or a business lunch, national dishes, foreign cuisine, fast food, pizza or sushi- you can order any dish with delivery in the shortest possible time.

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Add taste to your order


A few clicks is enough to have registered your order! Just choose from a list the restaurant and favorite dish.

Pay in a convenient way

Payment can be made directly from the application, via terminal or at the door.

Track order status

Possibility to track delivery time and at what stage the order is.

Our advantages

Easy order

A few clicks is enough to have registered your order! No need to call the restaurant or explain the delivery address. Just select a restaurant, favorite dish and make a payment. For fast delivery, the nearest branch of the restaurant is automatically selected.

Easy pay

You can make payment conveniently by several methods. The ability to pay directly from the application via the terminal or at the door is supported.

Tracking the status of order

You can track the status, delivery time and the stage of the order in the application.

Saving your address

You can write and save your home, work and other addresses in the app to save time during the following orders.

User reviews

You have the opportunity to leave notes for each order, as well as assess the quality of the order.


Delicious food is what
makes a day absolutely wonderful!

Make your day beautiful
by downloading the app